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Poster Submission



A poster for ongoing research is a wonderful way to share your work, gain feedback, stimulate dialogue on topics for TE2022.  For those invited for poster presentation, posters will be shown in Ting foyer, just outside the Wong auditorium of MIT and open to those who walk by on July 6,7, and 8. A dedicated poster session is scheduled for July 6th at 3pm.  The authors will stand with the poster to explain their research.

Posters do not count towards a primary authors paper count, and thus do not require any additional fee.

Poster content suggestions:

  • Please emphasize insights and call to action, rather than process. (less “what we did” and more “why it matters”.)

  • Various results can be shown if they are critical to convey evidence, insight, decisions, or options in an integrated argument.

  • Two poster templates follow. On one page in a 2x2 or 2x3 grid.

  • Summarize findings, insights, and limitations. Recommend next stage research or implementation.

  • Altogether, what is the contribution of this research?  To whom?

  • Avoid promotional language/ claims that are not evident from your work, or are otherwise truisms, such as  “Breakthrough”, “disruptive”, “transformative’ and other histrionic adjectives.  Rather, allow the results of your work to demonstrate your thoroughness and the potential value of the system.

Poster format and template:

  • The posters will be printed as landscape A0 based on the template above.

  • Please upload at the URL below.

  • Completed print ready posters must be uploaded by May 29th, to allow time for printing.

Poster upload URL: 

Online guidance:

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