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Conference Theme

The theme for the TE2022 conference is

“The Future of Engineering”

Since 1994 our ISTE community has convened annually to discuss engineering for today’s most pressing social and technical challenges.  The next TE conference will be held in the summer of 2022 on the MIT campus in Boston, USA.

Engineering is changing rapidly.  The connectedness of the world’s most critical systems along with rapid advancement of methods push us to ask “How will we teach, research, and practice engineering?” The recent decade has shown an ongoing shift towards model-based design, instrumented products and teams, data-driven analytics, rapid prototyping, and continuous delivery.  These changes are enabled on digital and physical platforms driven by distributed teams and open interfaces.  Transformations are underway in several industrial sectors, including energy, agriculture, health, and transportation. It is an exciting time to be an engineer.

We recognize the insufficiency of simple boundary crossing amongst traditional disciplines, as engineers move beyond disciplinary norms established in the mid to late 20th century. Today we address systems in their context across a life-cycle, collaborate with a myriad of stakeholders and non-engineering experts, and -- for these most valuable and daunting challenges – generate new engineering disciplines.

The conference will be organized across three tracks:

  1. Research on Engineering Projects and Teamwork

  2. Engineering Education

  3. Engineering Practice​

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