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Transdisciplinary Engineering

Today’s complex problems, especially those with significant impact on nature and society, require a holistic approach for solving them by considering knowledge from a diverse range of disciplines, technical as well as social, and from user and practitioner communities. Interchange of cross-disciplinary knowledge is needed to evaluate and design for sustainable benefits and costs shared equitably across society and nature. 

The International Society of Transdisciplinary Engineering (ISTE) aims to explore and promote the evolution of engineering to incorporate transdisciplinary practices in which the exchange of different types of knowledge and people from a diverse range of disciplines is fundamental.

Transdisciplinary Engineering (TE) is the exchange of knowledge in the context of an innovation, in product, process, organisation or social environment. Through ISTE, the exchange of knowledge is possible in its annual conferences, the TE Conferences, and through publication of special issues in scientific journals.

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