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Areas of Interest

New Product Development

  • Design of Personalized Products and Services

  • Product and Production Platforms

  • Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

  • Democratization of Design

  • Citizen/ community-led Design

  • Concurrent Engineering

  • Human-centered Design

Digital Engineering

  • Collaborative Model-building

  • Multi-physics models

  • Digital Twins

  • Model Validation and Verification

  • Model Curation

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Continuous Delivery

Transdisciplinary approaches to

  • Decision Support Tools and Methods

  • Value Engineering

  • Risk Management

  • Knowledge Management and Knowledge Engineering

  • Cost Modelling, Analysis, and Engineering

Engineering Teamwork

  • Methods for Transdisciplinary Engineering

  • Collaborative Design Environments

  • Interactive Simulation for Engineering

  • Team Performance Measurement

  • Managing Cultural and Disciplinary Differences

  • Computational Organizational Theory and Experiments

Engineering Education

  • Learning Strategies and Instructional Design for Engineering

  • Transdisciplinary Engineering Project-based Learning

  • Digital and Open Learning for Engineering

  • Competency and Capability Evaluations

  • Professional Education and Certification

Theoretical Contributions

  • Engineering Thinking and Practice

  • Systems Thinking

  • Complex Sociotechnical Systems

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